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Below are a few testimonials from our happy clients. Want to add your testimonial after using our products? Email us directly and we’ll add your testimonial to the site. Your personal information is kept confidential and is never given or sold to third parties. Thank you for being a loyal customer of Healthful Balance!

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“I have been using Health-Ful-bone supplement for a few years, and is one of the best supplements I have taken that seems to really without the concern of too much calcium deposits in the wrong places. And the company’s service is very efficient!” ~Mary

“Healthful Balance supplements have become a mainstay in supporting the balance of my own health as I deal with disabling chronic pain on a daily basis. I’ve found items like Healthful-Zyme to be a tremendous help in the past and Healthful Hydration remains my favorite “must have” for everything from tendon, joint, and muscle pain to eye comfort (essential here in the desert). The added benefit of smoother more youthful skin doesn’t hurt!  Owner Ed Stroup is incredibly knowledgeable about ingredients and creative with his formulations. Over the past decade I’ve watched him and his wife, Marilyn, build this company from fledgling to strong contender in a highly competitive consumer goods category.  I deeply appreciate having Healthful Balance in my life!” ~ Robin

“I learned about Healthful Flex from the Doctor Bob Martin Show. I had been having problems with the ligaments and/or tendons in one of my knees for years. I had tried several different supplements and even a prescription drug, that has since then been taken off the market, but nothing helped. Because of the testimonial from Dr. Bob I ordered a 3 months supply last January. Within a month I started to see improvement in my knee and also I could get up and down much better. Because of the cost, I stretched that 3 months supply out to 5 months. I thought my knee had been healed finally so I didn’t order more. After a couple of months without the Flex my knee soreness returned. I again tried other collagen products but did not get the results I had gotten with Healthful Flex. I finally got smart and reordered Healthful Flex and this time some Healthful Bone to go with it. Why gamble with your health. Get products that actually work. It is so worth it to be able to move. Thank you for a great product.” ~ Patsy

“About a year ago I learned about Healthful Bone on the Dr. Bob radio show. I had just been diagnosed with what could be called Stage 5 osteoporosis (due to very harmful meds for Addison’s Disease).  I had refused Boniva and similar meds. I was excited because Dr. Bob told about the inner bone –the honeycomb part of the bone. I started Healthful Bone and within two weeks I felt stronger. As I had broken my arm August 2016, and was not very confident about walking freely (I used a walking cane and dreaded another fall, I didn’t take the NORCO pain pills as one of the side effects is dizziness and falling). Within two months I didn’t use the cane. I told my daughter I felt so much stronger and self-confident. Within 3 months, all my pain was gone! I had suffered with sciatica all the way to my left thigh — and hairline fractures in my ribs and ankles—just from bending over to tie my shoes for several years. I am so very grateful for Healthful Bone!” ~ Joan

“I love my Healthful Bone product. It also makes me sleep like a baby😀Love it ❤️️” ~ Karyn

“I am extremely pleased with Healthful Balance products! I especially love the Health-Ful-Bone. I also take Healthful-Flex and Healthful-Zymes and love them too…THEY WORK…” ~ Paula Sue

“I absolutely love my Healthful Balance products‼️ A wonderful side effect to taking Health-Ful-Bone: it promoted a full night sleep😀 I also love the fact that I am not taking synthetics. Ed is extremely knowledgeable about all ingredients , and that is 100%” ~ Karyn

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