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Albion Minerals
All chelates are not created equal.

This information will help you to appreciate why Healthful Balance® uses minerals form Albion.

How Minerals Are Made

Pharmacist Max Motyka on how Albion became a leader in producing mineral supplements.

What is Chelation?

Pharmacist Max Motyka on what chelation is and why chelated minerals are stronger and better absorbed.

Chelated Minerals

Pharmacist Max Motyka shows you what a chelated mineral looks like and why it’s better for you.

Forming A Chelate

Pharmacist Max Motyka informs viewers of how a chelate is made.

How Your Body Absorbs Chelates

Pharmacist Max Motyka on how the body absorbs chelated minerals.

Why You Should Take Minerals

Pharmacist Max Motyka explains what minerals are and why it’s so important that you should supplement with minerals.

Mineral Reactions

Pharmacist Max Motyka on how minerals react against each other when you take them at one time. That means you may not be absorbing as much minerals as you think you are.

Do Vegetarians Eat Enough Minerals?

Pharmacist Max Motyka on why vegetarians are at risk of not getting enough minerals, since they don’t eat meat.

Why You Need to Take More than One Pill

Pharmacist Max Motyka explains why you need to take several pills in your supplement regimen. There is no one super-tablet that contains all the vitamins and minerals we need.


Iron is the most deficient minerals in the diet. Pharmacist Max Motyka tells us why iron is a critical mineral and dispels iron myths.

Who Needs Iron?

Children and Women in their child-bearing years need more iron. Pharmacist Max Motyka goes over the importance of iron and who needs to be taking it.

Are Vegans in Danger of Being Calcium Deficient?

Pharmacist Max Motyka stresses the importance of vegans taking a calcium supplement for bone and teeth health.

How Much Calcium You Need and Where to Get It?

Pharmacist Max Motyka fills us in on how much calcium you need to get and the sources of calcium.


Pharmacist Max Motyka on what chromium is and how it helps insulin in your body.


Pharmacist Max Motyka details why you need to get more copper in your diet or supplement program and how it can help inflammatory problems like arthritis.


Pharmacist Max Motyka shares the importance of magnesium. It plays a role in more than 400 enzyme reactions in our bodies, so we need to make sure we’re getting enough.


Pharmacist Max Motyka on the importance of manganese.


Pharmacist Max Motyka explains why you need potassium – especially for athletes and people who exercise and sweat.


Minerals are necessary in your diet. Pharmacist Max Motyka looks at why selenium is such an important mineral because of its antioxidant value.

Selenium, Vitamin E and Cancer

A 1996 study showed the effect of Selenium and Vitamin E fighting against certain cancers. Pharmacist Max Motyka goes over highlights of studies that show selenium is effective against certain cancers.


Pharmacist Max Motyka explores why vanadium has a positive effect on blood sugar and why it is of special interest to diabetics.


Why do we need zinc? Pharmacist Max Motyka tells us its important to the immune system and its other roles in the body.

How Chelated Minerals Are Formed

Chelated vitamins and minerals are often thought to have advantages over non-chelated forms. Max Motyka discusses how minerals are chelated and what materials are used to form the chelate. He also discusses some of the more popular products that feature chelated materials.

Have These Symptoms? You May Need Magnesium!

What are some of the more common signs of a magnesium deficiency? Max Motyka discusses the more common as well as why magnesium is so important for many functions. He also describes how magnesium works to combat inflammation which in itself, could be a trigger for many different conditions.

Here is Why Magnesium is So Important

Magnesium is just one of the many minerals your body needs. In this video, Max Motyka describes the many functions that relay on adequate magnesium in the body. He also discusses the relationship between magnesium and calcium and why that’s so important.

How Chelated Minerals Work in the Body

How are chelated minerals different than those from a food source and what does the body do with them? Max Motyka describes the characteristics of chelates as well as what happens to them when ingested. He discusses absorption and other potential benefits of chelates as well.

Vitamins and Supplements: Know What You are Buying

How much do you know about the supplements you purchase? Do you know about the research or studies that went into them? Max Motyka explains the importance of knowing more about what you’re putting into your body and knowing more about the companies that are providing those supplements.

Dr. Bortz – Iron Supplements – SSW2013

Dr. Jonathan Bortz gives a brief history of the development of Ferrochel (ferrous bisglycinate chelate). He explains the physiology behind the side effects of many iron supplements and how to increase bioavailability and reduce side effects at the same time with ferrous bisglycinate chelate.

Dr. Bortz – Are Chelated Minerals Better Absorbed?

That’s long been thought to be one of the benefits of chelated minerals such as iron. Dr. Jonathan Bortz discusses the bioavailability of chelated iron. He also goes into some study results and shares some different ways of looking at bioavailability, especially when it comes to iron supplements.

Dr. Bortz – Why Chelated Minerals are Beneficial

Dr. Jonathan Bortz explains exactly what a chelate is. Find out why and how certain minerals are chelated. Dr. Bortz explains the need for chelated minerals in certain fortified foods and why this method might be helpful when it comes to absorption in the body.

Dr. Bortz – What You Need to Know About Taking Chelated Minerals

Chelated supplements are different than others. Dr. Jonathan Bortz discusses chelated minerals, in particular, what happens to the chelate when it’s absorbed in the body. He also discusses the best way to take a chelated mineral, whether you need to take it with food, or a fat, etc.